German Shepherds Breeders – Introduction and History

German shepherd dogs appeared relatively recently, and they were bred as police- and working dogs. The first German shepherd club was founded in the late 1880s, but it was disbanded shortly after that time. In 1899, Max von Stephanitz, a cavalry captain, spotted a handsome wolf-like herding dog at one of dog shows and purchased it.Do you want to learn more? Visit German Shepherd police harness. The dog featured a proportionately body built, intelligent appearance and displayed reverence and faithfulness to the owner. These traits attracted the captain and he did not hesitate to purchase the dog.

German Shepherd Harness

Shortly after that, Max von Stephanitz and Arthur Meyer, his dog show companion, formed the Verein fur Deutsche Shafenhunde, and Max headed the club until his death in 1936. He named the dog that he purchased, Horand von Gareth (previously Hector Linlschrein). Then Max drafted the breed standard and all his life he was the main judge at all shows. He worked hard toward developing an agile, protective, undaunted, intelligent and strong breed of dogs, which was to become an obedient companion for man in service and combat, as well as in everyday life.
With the core of Hitler to power, the authorities pressed harder and harder on the Club, and, to his great disappointment, Max witnessed his dogs becoming tools of the greatest destructor of all epochs. He couldn’t withstand the realization that his lifelong efforts were being wasted, and in 1936 he died.

Throughout further history, the breed faced controversial attitude of peoples. During the wars and years after, the dog became an object of scorn and hatred, as did everything bearing the slightest relation to Germany. After the 2nd world war, the breed was given a new name, The Alsatian, but in the 1970s the initial name was reestablished. Nowadays references to German Shepherds are as the most versatile and popular breed in the world.


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